A year has gone by ?!?!?!?

Here is kalli. She has been my inspiration, she led me to this class and taught me how to lead. And I would like to thank her for not only being my best friend but the best editor. 

This year has been a learning  experience,  and it has been amazing. Starting in photo I learned about the rule of thirds, sports photography, and so much more. Even though I left photo for one rotation I learned a ton  in sports about writing and interviews. All  around it’s been a great year. 

I look to the future and have many ideas for next year. I would like to have each student get an SD card to make it easier to keep track of photos and video, and make it the students responsibility of having the photos. I would also like to sell the cameras we don’t use in order to buy a new camera(maybe two), which would make us possible for us to film and take photos at a he same time during class. I would like to figure out a way to number or name each camera to make it so when you need to look for a photo you don’t have to look on every camera. Also by using white boards I believe it will be more productive when writers and photographers will have the chance to cross off their name to seem accomplished. Some classes I went to in Seattle suggested rewards often, so maybe we could get a box of candy or something that a writer for each section gets a piece if they finish their story first and it’s done well. 

With many ideas looking to the future I’m very excited for next year, and I’m happy with the way this year has influenced me. 


Blog cycle 3 again?

Hello, back again, photos, photos, and more photos.

well now I have an opportunity to share my hopes for next year as I have been chosen to be the next photo editor. What Kalli has done with the photo section I hear is remarkable, there is no way we would of been able to do what we do without her ingenious slips. Hopefully next year we will get to organize everything even more, I would like to do so by having each student have their individual SD cards so nothing can get lost. something else i would like to do is not only have the photography team trained in camera skills but also the rest of the writers so we have more opportunities to capture news when it happens if each student knows angles, lighting, etc. along with those there are a few other ideas I have but haven’t figured out fully how they would work yet.

As far as this cycle it is really interesting getting to know how photo editing works, and looking behind the scenes of what goes behind each photo.



A new view 

Last class someone who works for the union tribune came in to help the journalism class proof the newspaper and give a lecture about the change that is occurring in news. He found errors in the school newspaper that didn’t even cross the students minds and helped them open up to new ways of editing and finding errors. 

While he was here the class was able  to get a better understanding about how the news industry is changing, and how the internet has influenced the paper copies of news. The internet has made printed news somewhat old school and not as important in people’s minds. Because of this change in interest news companies have been led to also provide internet sources of news, and newspapers nationwide have gotten together to share news and keep the industry running. 

I think that the man who came in was insightful and led us to things we wouldn’t of thought of on our own. It was very nice of him to take time out of his day to speak to us. And I think it was  interesting to listen to someone who made it as a journalist, and understand  what it takes to become one. 


Blog- final rotation 

back at photo, where I feel the most confident, it’s good to be here because it’s where I feel I can express myself. Photography has always been an intrest for me because there are so many different things you can do to photos and different ways you can express yourself. I enjoy doing photography for journalism because it makes stories come to life, a powerful photo can draw in a reader and create ideas inside the readers head. 

I also find editing the photos an interesting process because it gives you the chance to sharpen and make the image clearer. I’m excited to be in photo for the rest of the year and look forward to whatever new photo opportunities spring up. 


Cycle 3- photo part two

 With every new day comes a new beginning, I came back to this section looking to improve my skills and learn more about journalism photography. Personally I feel I achieved part of that, yes there is a lot I have yet to learn, but overall I feel I have refined my skills for taking photos of certain subjects given to me by the author of the story. This cycle has gone by quite smoothly l, and I have not run into any direct challenges other than the occasionalscheduling issue. There is always more to learn when looking at photography and it interests me to continue to explore all aspects of this art. My hope is to continue this by participating as a perm at part of photo for journalism for the rest of the year.  


Fire in Culinary Arts- Pancackes Ablaze

A second period conundrum occurred when a pan got to hot causing such a delicacy  as pancakes to go up in flames. This seemingly small accident led to $10,000 worth of damages to the La Costa Canyon High School culinary arts classroom.

“I was making pancakes and the pan got to hot” Junior Jill Carter said when describing the incident to Journalism.

Without any-ones notice Carter’s station suddenly caught fire. In an effort to help the situation, Carter’s partner a senior Maya Harrison stepped in. Without realizing that the grease from the pan had set fire Harrison swiftly poured water on the pan, but since it had become a grease fire, the flames only grew higher and larger.

“I hurried to put baking soda on the fire, because I had remembered that’s what your supposed to put on grease fires” junior Cole Dean said.

Thanks to Dean’s quick thinking, the culinary arts department was able to smother the fire putting it out for good. This event traumatized some of the students including Dean’s partner Dan Stuart.

“I’m never going to eat pancakes again” Stuart said.

The baking soda caused a cloud of dust in the room, which was inhaled by Stuart causing his taste for pancakes to diminish permanently. The fire took place at the beginning of second period,  before any pancakes were made, so the class was left with  minimal amounts of pancakes that day.

“The fire caused the counter tops to melt, the stove to be ruined and needing to be replaced, and smoke damage to the walls and ceiling” teacher Stacy Hardcastle said.

The stove that caught fire was a stove and oven duo, causing the whole unit to need replacing and a higher damage fee. After Deans heroism the class changed their safety precautions by not only having a pitcher of water beside every station but also supplying a box of baking soda in order to be safe if there is ever another grease fire.


Rotation 2- Sports 

 This Rotation has been an interesting twist from my comfort zone. This is the first time I have done an interview, and not only was it incredibly scary but it was actually very insightful as well. Sports have been a large part of my life for as long as I can remember, but it was fun to go out and discover the background of a sport I knew nothing about.

It was really hard to go out and interview the boys water polo team because not only are they intimidating, but it was also my first interview so at first I had no idea how it would go. I was happy when i found out Taylor was in my section, because I enjoy being able to talk to her and know someone in my section. As for the other people in my section, I have gotten to know Myka through journalism and Spanish and she is a super funny and great person, and Sam was in my first section with me, so we have bonded as well.

Overall I feel the time in this section was productive for me, because I learned about writing and having to hit deadlines. I enjoyed writing something so out of my comfort zone.

As for the next section, I would like to explore broadcast in style or sports, I feel it would be interesting to see how MavNation is made, or go back to photography.